Admin Panel

Just type /admin after your domain.

Catch this if you need assistance: http://localhost/admin


By default Twig templates (.html.twig) are cached, that means they are parsed down to raw PHP, so the page load faster.

You need to either 1) clean that cache, or 2) disable that cache

  1. First option is to clear cache, every time you make the change. This is done in Admin Panel of your website. https://my-aac.org/ufaq/so-where-is-this-mysterious-panel-located/
  2. Second option is to enable development mode in MyAAC, which disables that Twig cache. This will work fine on your local machine, where you make the changes, however this is not recommended on Live Server, as your website may become slow, cause it will need to reload Twig template on every page load.

To enable development mode, go to config.local.php, and change following line:

$config['env'] = 'dev'; // dev or prod

To summarize: if you are developing locally, and want to preview changes you do live, go with option 2), otherwise clear cache each time you change something as described in option 1).


That means there was some error in script, and the web server will not show any more info – they will be saved in logs tho.

To get what the error says (and then post it on OtLand Support Board! 😉 ) development mode needs to be enabled.

For MyAAC 0.8 and higher it can be done in config.local.php be setting this variable:

$config['env'] = 'dev'; // dev or prod

After saving the file – refresh the page – you should now see the error message. You can use that to post on forums or discord.

For MyAAC 0.7 you need to check web server logs – that will be for linux either /var/log/apache/error.log or /var/log/nginx/error.log (depends what you use) and for Windows it will be located somewhere in your Control Panel

  • XAMPP -> Apache -> Logs -> Apache (error.log)
  • UniServ -> Menu -> Apache -> Apache Logs ->View Apache Error Log


Yes, official Discord server is located here: https://discord.gg/2J39Wus

There is channel: my-aac, where you can write about the project.

However, we recommend using more active server, namely OTAcademy: https://discord.gg/UWQ2YwEdJX

There is channel: support-forum, where you can ask for help.

If you sure it’s a bug in the core project – MyAAC, then create issue here: https://github.com/otsoft/myaac/issues/new

However, it’s good practice to post a issue on forums first, to ensure it’s a bug in project, and not your fault.

Link to OtLand support forums: https://otland.net/forums/support.16/

You can also post on Discord, where project maintainers are also active.

OTAcademy Discord: https://discord.gg/UWQ2YwEdJX

Sure, the TODO list is in GitHub wiki, here: https://github.com/otsoft/myaac/wiki/TODO

Thanks to our awesome database detection algorithm, we can support most of the distributions out of the box.

  • TFS 0.3/0.4
  • TFS 1.x
  • OTHire
  • Avesta
  • OTX Server
  • OTServBR-Global 12x
  • Otserv 0.6.3, 0.6.4 and above

develop branch is where new features are being tested.

Currently (Stand: 16.09.2022), it’s for version 0.9 of the project.

All experimental features goes there, then after testing, they will be pushed back into master branch.


Go to Admin Panel of your MyAAC instance – http://localhost/admin, then navigate to menu option “Plugins”. From here you can choose file and click “Upload” button to install the specified plugin.

Be sure to install the globalevent, which should be located in your main AAC installation path – gesior-shop-system.lua. There is also version for revscriptsys.

The scripts are located here: https://github.com/slawkens/myaac-plugins-old/tree/master/gesior-shop-system/lua

  • gesior-shop-system.lua is for old servers with globalevents.xml, additional line needs to be added there (see comment in the top of that script)
  • gesior-shop-system-revscript.lua is for servers with revscript (server that have scripts/ folder with .lua files).

Before load a plugin at Admin Panel just open file named as jquery.countdown.min.js at tools/plugins/start-countdown and then edit labels: ["Years","Months","Weeks","Days","Hours","Minutes","Seconds"],labels1:["Year","Month","Week","Day","Hour","Minute","Second"]



If you already added a plugin then go into your site folder and at tools/plugins/start-countdown you will find such file. Original answer by OtLand user Roni123.

There is folder in the my-aac.org domain, where all up-to-date plugins are being uploaded. Some archived versions are also there.

Download plugins here: https://my-aac.org/plugins