Snow effect in december

gpedro developed a nice plugin which adds snow effect on the website. The plugin works only in december, but this can be changed by editing the plugins/myaac_snow_december/myaac_snow_december.php file and removing following 2 lines: if (date(‘m’) === ’12’) {} Plugin can be downloaded here: Demo:

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MyAAC + git-flow

We’re now following the git-flow-workflow. For those who don’t know yet what it is, short explanation: git-flow are a set of git extensions to provide high-level repository operations for Vincent Driessen’s branching model. Link to the git-flow-cheatsheet: So, we have now master branch for production releases (stable release, currently 0.8), and we have develop …

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Today I’ve added some small non-intrusive ads on the website that will support the development of MyAAC like buying the domain and hosting. If you find them too intrusive, let me know. The ads will be displayed on the top and the bottom of each post and on every page in the right, bottom corner.

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MyAAC 0.7.10 released!

This has been almost 1 month since I released version 0.7.10 of MyAAC, but I think it’s worthy notifying on our site. With this update, I’m starting to write changelogs grouped by types. Added: * new configurable: smtp_secure * robots.txt Fixed: * editing an existing page that had PHP enabled * chrome bug on save …

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