I found a bug – where to report?

If you sure it’s a bug in the core project – MyAAC, then create issue here: https://github.com/otsoft/myaac/issues/new However, it’s good practice to post a issue on forums first, to ensure it’s a bug in project, and not your fault. Link to OtLand support forums: https://otland.net/forums/support.16/ You can also post on Discord, where project maintainers are …

Do you have Discord server?

Yes, official Discord server is located here: https://discord.gg/2J39Wus There is channel: my-aac, where you can write about the project. However, we recommend using more active server, namely OTAcademy: https://discord.gg/UWQ2YwEdJX There is channel: support-forum, where you can ask for help.

What is develop branch on GitHub?

develop branch is where new features are being tested. Currently (Stand: 16.09.2022), it’s for version 0.9 of the project. All experimental features goes there, then after testing, they will be pushed back into master branch.

What are supported servers?

Thanks to our awesome database detection algorithm, we can support most of the distributions out of the box. TFS 0.3/0.4 TFS 1.x OTHire Avesta OTX Server OTServBR-Global 12x Otserv 0.6.3, 0.6.4 and above