How to install plugin?

Go to Admin Panel of your MyAAC instance – http://localhost/admin, then navigate to menu option “Plugins”. From here you can choose file and click “Upload” button to install the specified plugin.

Where to download plugins?

There is folder in the domain, where all up-to-date plugins are being uploaded. Some archived versions are also there. Download plugins here:

shop-system: items are not coming

Be sure to install the globalevent, which should be located in your main AAC installation path – gesior-shop-system.lua. There is also version for revscriptsys. The scripts are located here:

start-countdown: How to replace texts to my language?

Before load a plugin at Admin Panel just open file named as jquery.countdown.min.js at tools/plugins/start-countdown and then edit labels: [“Years”,”Months”,”Weeks”,”Days”,”Hours”,”Minutes”,”Seconds”],labels1:[“Year”,”Month”,”Week”,”Day”,”Hour”,”Minute”,”Second”] to: [“Lata”,”Miesiące”,”Tygodnie”,”Dni”,”Godzin”,”Minut”,”Sekund”],labels1:[“Rok”,”Miesiąc”,”Tydzień”,”Dzień”,”Godzine”,”Minute”,”Sekunde”] If you already added a plugin then go into your site folder and at tools/plugins/start-countdown you will find such file. Original answer by OtLand user Roni123.