I get white page with error 500

That means there was some error in script, and the web server will not show any more info – they will be saved in logs tho.

To get what the error says (and then post it on OtLand Support Board! 😉 ) development mode needs to be enabled.

For MyAAC 0.8 and higher it can be done in config.local.php be setting this variable:

$config['env'] = 'dev'; // dev or prod

After saving the file – refresh the page – you should now see the error message. You can use that to post on forums or discord.

For MyAAC 0.7 you need to check web server logs – that will be for linux either /var/log/apache/error.log or /var/log/nginx/error.log (depends what you use) and for Windows it will be located somewhere in your Control Panel

  • XAMPP -> Apache -> Logs -> Apache (error.log)
  • UniServ -> Menu -> Apache -> Apache Logs ->View Apache Error Log

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