Version 0.6.0 has been released.


  • added faq management – add/edit/move/hide/delete from website
  • new account.login view for tibiacom template
  • monsters and spells are now being loaded at the installation of the AAC
  • fix for php versions under 5.5 where empty() function supported only variables
  • added missing change email and change info buttons to default template
  • added new indicator icons for create account, create character and change character name
  • fixed config loader when some inline comments are present
  • fixed editing page in admin panel that contains some html code
  • fixed forum new post on mac os and some specific mysql versions
  • attempt to fix incorrect views counter behavior (its resetting to 0 in some cases)
  • enabled cache http headers for signatures
  • check if monster file exist before loading it
  • fixed if plugin zip file name contains dot (.)
  • renamed screenshots to gallery and movies to videos
  • moved install pages to twig
  • fixed Account::getGuildAccess function
  • removed never used library from sources – dwoo
  • moved check_* functions to class Validator
  • from now all validators ajax requests will fire onblur instead of onkeyup
  • ajax requests returns now json instead of xml
  • added 404 response when file is not found

Download as always:

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